BakingPan platform

Since the beginning of our group (ArduinoAfternoon) meetings in 2011 we devised a way to *reuse* our hardware in many projects so that we could spare on hardware buying. When we started with a robot-like device (the RFID based pub “waiter”) we devised a simple set of pieces as a “base” for many subsequent projects. Our general base architecture is composed by:

  • arduino uno/mega stacked with…
  • NUY stacked with…
  • motor shield connected to…
  • two DC motors + rubber wheels powered by…
  • a sealed acid 12V DC rechargeable battery regulated by…
  • a trimmable power regulator

Then there are some optional peripherals for the diverse usage contexts:

  • USB hub connected to the NUY (the wifi onboard the NUY can be used as a control channel)
  • webcam connected to the hub (i.e., to the NUY)
  • wifi dongles connected to the hub (i.e., to the NUY)
  • solar panel to recharge battery
  • USB flash drive (e.g., to have an overlay filesystem beyond the limited openwrt on the NUY)
  • RFID reader

All contained in the omnipresent, robust, “stainless steel”, full of drilled holes, student battered baking pan!

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The architecture was used in:

  • ArduCameriere (RFID based pub waiter)
  • ArduGuardia (wiki driven home security robot)
  • ArduiTter (twitter guided wanderer)

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