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ArduTtunity, a simulated outer planets rover

Based on the now stable "baking pan platform".

After the Arduitter (a twitter driven robot) we decided to improve our project to create a simulation of a remote planets rover (maybe influenced by “The Martian”?). We already had all the main components, we just added the solar panel: at the moment it's not enough to fully recharge the battery, we need to improve. The software that runs on the NUY accepts “action plans” (route + actions such as “take snapshot”) via wifi (the NUY works as an access point), but to simulate the DSN (NASA's Deep Space Network) the plans are executed with a programmable delay and the feedback data is sent after the same delay. The effect is that in the “control room” you have to plan carefully all the actions since there is no way to interact in realtime with the rover.

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